Welcome to My Services.It is a self service solution, to manage your account online for the various products and services you availed from us. This website is a single point online access to your account and once registered you can view and pay your bills, raise and track service requests, buy new products and services, activate and manage subscriptions. My Services, with these unique customer experiences, also gives you the required direction and support to conduct all the mentioned activities with your account.Just click on My Services and get an access to an array of exciting online services related to Reliance Communications products and services. Now empower yourself by simply registering.the required direction and support to conduct all the mentioned activities with your account. You decide how and when you need us, and we deliver.
My Services Registration
All the users are required to open an account in the My Services portal. To register, simply select the ‘New User’ tab in the My Services page and choose a username of your choice, available in the record. You can use the ‘Check Availability’ option to verify the same. After you have filled up all the requisite registration data, the username and password will be sent to you through a preferred mode of communication chosen at the time of registration.
Manage My Services
This module gives an account of the host of services and features under My Services. It includes services offered in multiple lines of businesses like Wireless (CDMA and GSM), Wireline and Big TV. For registering to any of the services under them, there are different set of rules and hence, to register please take the following steps: Log in to My Services My Account Register Account tab the respective Line of Business
Service Requests
Under this module, a user can raise and track a service request online. The following functionalities are available:
Create service requests online
  • Create service requests online
  • Update and track the status of the service requests
  • Add notes to the service request that one has created
  • View, download and e-mail the service request details
Bills and Payments
This section is applicable only for post-paid users. The following options are available under this heading:
  • View bills and download your bill details
  • Inspect and pay your bills online
  • Track your payment trends through the payment history screen
  • Track your unbilled usage and credit information
This section is applicable only for wireless pre-paid users. For online e-recharge, click on the ‘Registered Accounts’ section (left hand pane) and follow the link CAN BAN Services.
The following options are available under this:
  • Top-up your prepaid accounts online
  • View prepaid account details
  • Track recharge trends